The idea has been developed as far as it can. The only thing missing is it's implementation. I'm ready.


Business Partner

For me, the Neptune Rowboat is no longer a nice little design study but has matured into a serious business. Therefore, I was at the point where my private finances couldn't support the next stages of development, where I needed professional advice on the technical know-how and a network of specialists who could help bring it to market. These were the reasons why I was searching for a business partner.

I'm very happy to have found this serious business partner with the company "Saviya e Business Private Limited" from Sri Lanka ( There are a few more challenges that need to be solved before the first Neptune Rowboat can be delivered, but together we can certainly solve them.

Future Customers

Are you more interested in buying a Neptune Rowboat than in participating directly in its development? Then you’re in the right place too.

The moment isn’t ripe to offer you a serial production boat because we’re still in the development phase, but I would be delighted to regularly inform you as we move through the different phases of the project. Furthermore, you’ll be the first to know when, where and at what price the Neptune Rowboat will be offered.

I’m already looking forward to establishing contact with you and sincerely hope to soon call you a very satisfied Neptune Rowboat owner.